Modern Fitness Line

These challenging fitness stations can motivate your community to stay healthy. Specialized fitness equipment offers a wide range of popular exercises that will challenge major muscle groups while building cardiovascular endurance. Several of the stations allow partners to work out simultaneously, increasing motivation and adding to the value of the exercise experience.

Start small with a few stations or install a complete circuit for your park or recreation area!


Ab Station

The Ab Station exercises mid-section muscle groups for abs and lower back.


Dual Abductor Station

Two people can exercise their abs simultaneously.


Dual Air Walker Station

The Dual Air Walker is a cardio workstation allowing two people to perform a walking exercise for upper and lower body cardiovascular exercise.


Dual Hip Station

The Dual Hip Station allows two people to do simultaneous lower body exercises for cardio, strength, and fun.



Dual Leg Press Station

The leg press station allows to people to perform compound exercises for lower body fitness.


Dual or Tri Fitness Station

Perform ab crunches, quad extensions, bar dips, and more.


Triceps Station

The Triceps Station allows strength conditioning for upper body muscles.