We only sell high quality slides. If you are looking for cheap products that will only last one season, shop elsewhere. These slides are designed to last the life of the playground. If you can’t find a quality slide with us, it doesn’t exist!

Pro Tip: A quick, easy formula for determining the length of the slide that you need is to  double the height of the deck the slide is attaching to.


Chute Slide

The Chute Slide is a double wall plastic slide with a flat bed.



Wide Slide

The Wide Slide is a double-wall plastic double-wide (no divider) slide with flat bed. The extra width allows side-by-side sliding.


 Curved Chute Slide

The Curved Chute Slide is a plastic flat bed slide that turns 90 degrees as the child descends.


 Dual Chute Slide

The Dual Chute Slide (Triple Rail Slide) is a side by side plastic double flat bed slide that promotes parallel play by allowing side-by-side sliding.


Wave Slide

The Wave Slide has an undulating slide bed that can be used to ascend from decks at 48″ to 72″.


Tube Slide

The Tube Slide is a full tunnel plastic slide that promotes dynamic balance while the child experiences spatial orientation and a sense of enclosure. Not recommended for toddlers or for situations requiring full visibility.


Curved Tube Slide

The Curved Tube Slide is a full plastic tube that curves as the rider descends. Long versions may not allow the child at the top of the slide to see children perching along the route. School-age only. Not recommended for situations requiring full visibility


Spiral Slide

The Spiral Slide is an open plastic slide that spirals 270-360 degrees as the rider descends. Deep bed and spiral design means that young children can lay in the bedway without being seen. May require extra supervision when used by preschoolers. Older preschoolers and school agers.


Alpine Thunder

The Alpine Thunder Slide consists of 3 side-by-side bedways, each having a different texture along the bedway. May be used from decks at 70-76″ above surface. School age only.